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The Regional Law 7/2019 provides that the Emilia-Romagna Region, for the management of the production of data in its possession, issues specific measures in compliance with the necessary protection of the public interest it pursues. This means that it is not possible a priori to make the Region's data available to third parties, but that a special investigation must be carried out for each single set of data.

July 9th, 2020
Strategic & Special Projects

The pandemic triggered by the spread of the new Coronavirus has altered the habits and lifestyle of each individual and has inevitably raised the need to remodulate work modalities and activities. In this scenario, ANCI Emilia-Romagna and Lepida launched a co-spacing initiative to support those looking for a space to work remotely, equipped with connectivity and extra services, to facilitate the resumption of some public and private activities.

June 8th, 2020

Starting from May 11th, the Emilia-Romagna Region has set the regional plan on serological tests. The coordinates of the plan require that the tests be carried out in a context of clinical appropriateness, therefore only upon medical request. The Regional Decree 350/2020, which traces all the phases of the screening program management, also defines a path of maximum simplification for employers who voluntarily decide to carry out serological screening on their employees.

June 3rd, 2020
Digital Healthcare

During the health emergency caused by the Coronavirus, teachers and students had to adapt to a new situation, that of distance learning; the importance of connectivity to schools as centers of content provision, as well as of content fruition as they already were, has emerged in an always more binding way. The paradigm of symmetry of the band, always supported by Lepida, was therefore supported by facts.

May 29th, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic is not only spreading rapidly, but also quickly revolutionizing the way we work around the world. The most impacted dimension is definitely technological. In the space of a couple of weeks, the need to activate effective, fast and secure responses has arisen to enable thousands of workers to remote working, with personal devices or from home, with private connections, with different bandwidth capabilities and uneven architectural solutions.

May 4th, 2020
Digital Integrations

Where to find information on the new Coronavirus?
The Ministry of Health has created a dedicated website:
More information on the Epicentro website by the Higher Institute of Health -

April 30th, 2020

Always more frail elderly people are followed by the e-Care service: since March 10th, upon recommendation by the Local Health Authority, the Municipality and the Metropolitan Territorial Socio-Health Conference, the e-Care service has been strengthened to cope with the COVID-19 emergency.

April 3rd, 2020
Digital Welfare

The procedure for the definition of an Unlimited Licensing Agreement between Lepida and Oracle has been successfully concluded. The agreement provides, for Lepida and all its Partner Bodies, with the exception of the Universities, a deployment model for the Oracle Enterprise software, in all its components, with unlimited licensing.

March 16th, 2020
Datacenter & Cloud

"Good morning, how are you? Compared to usual, how are you feeling? Do you have someone who can help you in case of need?" These are just some of the questions that every day the volunteers of the Italian Red Cross and Croce Italia ask, by telephone, to frail elderly people of Bologna, women and men living alone, particularly isolated in these days of Coronavirus. 

March 15th, 2020
Digital Welfare

Bologna - More e-learning in schools in Emilia-Romagna. In these weeks of forced suspension of lessons due to the Coronavirus emergency, the e-learning mode represents an opportunity to maintain an educational relationship with the school. A "virtual classroom" in which everyone will be connected from home.

March 9th, 2020