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icona Progetto CUP Unico Regionale Single regional CUP* Project

The Regional Government Resolution 881/2023 has entrusted Lepida for the realization of an extremely innovative project, both technically and organizationally. 
The main focus of the project is the realization of a regional system that allows citizens to simply and rapidly access to social-health services and that gives to decision-makers (such as the Regional Ministry, directions of Healthcare Agencies etc. ) the best tools to manage the widest possible offer.

In an advanced system that sets itself the objectives previously reported, it is certainly not enough to "optimize" the access modalities: it is essential to operate a deep change of perspective, putting the citizen at the centre and imagining a system that takes care of the all-round management of its needs, offering guidance from the moment of the rise of the need (be it of health, social-health or social nature) through all the stages until the solution of the problem. 
This is particularly important if we talk about people with comorbidities, chronically ill and/or fragile in order to allow for a continuous and not fragmented path that can be complemented with every professional figure or specific structure needed.

The centrality of the citizen/patient in the access phase must be concretized in an offer of services that go towards the citizen (and not vice versa) even before the official demand. The access must therefore be more and more proactive, personalized and simplified, guided by the information obtained through the patient’s clinical history, by the paths of assistance and care in which it is involved, by the territory’s resources (networks of services, facilities, specialist units, etc.) and, not least, by its individual preferences and peculiarities. 
The massive changes that every level underwent during the recent years are asking us to overcome the traditional operative-administrative management of the booking requests in CUPs. This is true not only for healthcare accesses, but also for those of social health and social nature, that should be more integrated with each other.

* - CUP is the Italian acronym for "Centro Unificato di Prenotazione", or "Outpatient Healthcare Booking System"