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ERretre at the Bologna HS station

Stazione Bologna Centrale

Lepida participated in the project, carried out by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana and requested by the Prefecture of Bologna, for the construction of a communication infrastructure to ensure operational continuity for public utilities and emergency services in the Kiss & Ride area and underground floors of the Bologna Central HS station. In this context, Lepida, manager of the Regional Mobile Network of Emergency Services ERretre, dealt with the extension of the voice-data communication carrier of the emergency services (Civil Protection, Healthcare, Provincial Police and Municipal Police) operating on ERretre through the activation and network integration of a TETRA Radio Base Station dedicated to the radio coverage of the areas described above.

The activation of the ERretre service and the related infrastructure required the creation of a fiber-optic connection between the Base Station, located at the local equipment, and the Lepida Network with which the ERretre Network is highly integrated, and on which it relies for backbone functions. This is the first ERretre site built on a radiant system consisting of cracked cables through which, in addition to the digital signal of ERretre, propagate the set of analog signals from the repeater stations of other public and emergency services. The particular radiant structure, together with the hybrid propagation environment typical of the areas concerned, required a refinement work in terms of power and radio parameters aimed at ensuring the correct continuity of the radio coverage, and its connection to the one already present on the ramps afferent to the outside. In order to guarantee the use of the service in the most critical situations, the network equipment and the Base Station installed have a highly reliable power supply and a radiant system characterized by duplicated and independent paths.

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