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icona Progetto Digital Innovation Hub Emilia-Romagna Digital Innovation Hub Emilia-Romagna (DIHER) Project

The Digital Innovation Hub Emilia-Romagna Project organizes and builds a coordination network for digital innovation, identifying shared spaces and laboratories in order to support the development of digital innovation in the Emilia-Romagna Region.

This intervention model aims to innovate the Regional system with an user-driven approach involving the final users for what concerns co-designing and validation, the territory for what concerns the relationships between institutional, scientific, industrial, economic and social parts, and the market for the exchange of ideas, competences and technologies.

The project promotes, supports and programs digital innovation; it acts as an advisory and proactive boost for the Regional Administration on digital innovation matters; it analyzes the needs and innovative enabling models for digital technologies; it projects, develops, experiments, validates and puts into service digital technologies and
applications; it promotes and develops projects on digital innovation, even with fundraising capacities; it transfers results and solutions; it offers high formation paths on digital themes; it analyses socio-economic contexts in order to be aware and know in advance of digital needs.

There are four main verticalizations on which attention is paid: Healthcare, Enterprise and the territorial system, Public Administration and Agricolture.

DIHER identified as the first projects of interest on which to start in-depth analysis and feasibility both Digital Twin of air quality and mobility & transports on a regional scale and of tourism fluxes.

In the context of DIHER, the activities linked by the funded project ER2DIGIT and integrated with DIHER are also being developed. 
ER2DIGIT is a distributed location of digital innovation regarding the development of a data society and economy through advanced digital technologies that the “Digital Europe” program has found in HPC, IA, Cybersecurity, but also in leading sectors such as “Internet of Things” (IoT).
ER2DIGIT will act as an orchestrator of a set of services, advice and skills at a territorial level made available by the regional ecosystem of innovation and digital.

Together with the figures of the Project, Lepida participates in the governance structures of the project coordinated by the Emilia-Romagna Region.