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icona Software & Piattaforme Software & Platforms

Lepida oversees the analysis, projecting, development, evolution and maintenance of software solutions and platforms for the provision of its services to the partner Bodies. In the definition of the services included in the Lepida portfolio, we follow the logic pof managing the solutions centrally, according to common technical and organizational specifications, facilitating the diffusion of the solutions in the different territorial contexts, their integration in the Bodies’ management systems and the optimization of management. Thus even smaller Bodies, with less financial resources and reduced personnel, can offer to their citizens and their companies updated and complete online services, overcoming territorial disparities that are still risky, at the local level, in the digital field.

Lepida offers enabling platform services, a choice which proved itself successful also with regards to a renewed centralized national offer: examples are FedERa and PayER, services that were long provided in a centralized way by the Emilia-Romagna Region, and that now function as a node, for Partners, towards the recently developed national platforms (SPID and PagoPA), without requiring new investments from the single Bodies. The challenge is to grant to citizens and companies a unitary access to user-centered online services, designed around their exigencies of simplification in the relationship with the PA; to streamline bureaucracy; to provide a homogeneous service to the whole territory.

Through the definition and the constant update of technical specifications for the necessary interoperability with the managed platforms, we guarantee the availability of test environments and the performance of verification activities, within the processes for the qualification of market solutions and services.

Lepida oversees the evolution of the sector’s regulation, constituting a center of domain competence, and performs technological scouting on innovative models and new solutions that are usable on platforms.