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VideoNet: a completely renewed service

Security camera

Over time, the safety and protection of citizens has become a growing need for all member Bodies, which have often chosen the installation of an integrated camera system to monitor their territories as a prevention tool. With this in mind, in recent years, Lepida has developed the VideoNet platform, which has been completely revised in recent months, offering a centralized video management service for the institutions involved and allowing integrated management of the new security systems that are gradually being installed.

The platform makes it possible to support a homogeneous and organized growth of the various video surveillance systems within the organizations and an efficient and sustainable management of the already active systems through their simplification, limiting their area of intervention to the hardware installed on the territory. Four main functionalities are made available: real time visualization of live video streams, archiving of video streams, on-demand visualization of recordings, user profiling; functionalities that can be used through a web interface after authentication of the enabled subjects through the systems FedERa or SPID. The new version developed by Lepida offers a better user experience, ensures greater scalability and improves the redundancy system. It is based on open-source software, in particular ZoneMinder, but the code has been partially rewritten to meet all the implementations required over time by the Bodies. Most of the developments concern interventions on the "system engine" with direct effects on performance and usability, while other new features are also available to the end user: VideoNet now presents a simpler user interface and offers the possibility to create dashboards with customized views and improved user profiles. The surveillance cameras of the Lepida Network are already fully operational on the new platform, and the migration of those Bodies that have already activated the service with Lepida is in progress. For further information on the service, please contact

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