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Two URBACT-DIGI-INCLUSION transnational meeting in Portugal and Latvia

Two URBACT-DIGI-INCLUSION transnational meeting in Portugal and Latvia - Immagine

Lepida’s participation to two of the DIGI-INCLUSION network meetings, held in April in Torres Vedras (Portugal) and in June in Jelgava (Latvia), has strengthened the commitment to issues connected to the digital transition and gave new ideas for future projects.

In Torres Vedras, the partners have worked on the importance of data in order to evaluate and to reduce the digital gap. Lepida has introduced the project “Digital without Frontiers”, which was realized in the Appenines area during the Technical Culture Festival in October 2023 and that aims to reduce social inequalities through digital education, providing to its participants (which are for the most part migrant women) the essential digital competences that can be applied to the daily life, cooperating with CPIA Montagna.

The recent meeting in Jelgava resumed the discussion for the finalization of the “Joint Declaration for digital inclusion in European small and medium-sized cities, Regions and rural communities”.

The commitments that will be made in DIGI-INCLUSION include the promotion of the European Principles on Digital Rights, the development of Integrated Action Plans for digital inclusion, the involvement of stakeholders and civil society, and the spreading of the results obtained with good local practices.

The partners’ political representatives will subscribe the Declaration in Iasi (Romania) in September.

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