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Exclusive discounts on Juniper Products: the framework agreement

Exclusive discounts on Juniper Products: the framework agreement

In order to develop, strengthen and expand the network infrastructure, and doing so connecting PAs and making datacenter more performing and safer, the implementation of routing, switching and safety solutions is a crucial step. 

This is why in September 2023 Vista Technology, a certificated Juniper partner, has been chosen by Lepida through a public procedure as Juniper Networks products supplier.

The resulting framework agreement guarantees Lepida five years of discounts, on the Global Price List Juniper catalogue, on appliances, licenses and components up to a maximum of 12M€, allowing a particularly favorable provisioning chain.

An innovation brought by this new agreement consists in granting the same benefits to the in-house members of the network agreement "Il Cerchio ICT In House" - Informatica Alto Adige, Pasubio Tecnologia and Trentino Digitale - with which Lepida collaborates in order to jointly develop initiatives and services on four main areas of interest: security, development of services and apps, connectivity and solutions based on the Internet of Things, with the aim to cooperatively build innovation chains with tangible impacts on their own territories.

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