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The IoT network for the PA gets stronger

The IoT network for the PA gets stronger - Image

After the webinar “Rete IoT per l’Emilia-Romagna – Insieme per un ecosistema di dati intelligenti” (IoT Network for Emilia-Romagna – Together to build an ecosystem of intelligent data), which was held in september 2023, new memorandums of understanding were signed with more than 20 bodies, the needs for sensors for specific territorial projects were collected and the phase of their installation began.

The Comune di Bologna project is particularly relevant, expecting to utilize the sensors to monitor the air quality, the noise pollution produced in nightlife areas, the urban mobility (counting means of transport and people), the electric and hydric consumption in schools.

In December 2023, 10 air quality control units have than been installed, and new noise pollution sensors (dBA), instantaneous speed sensors of vehicles along the radial routes and the most significant roads, radars for counting/speeding of vehicles near the main construction sites will soon be implanted.

This infrastructure, that uses the LoRaWAN network projected by Lepida, is at the service of the strategic projects Bologna Città 30 e Tram and Bologna Area Verde, allowing the analysis of the ex-ante and ex-post intervention parameters with specific valuation campaigns.

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