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The “L’Europa in Emilia-Romagna” platform is online

The “L’Europa in Emilia-Romagna” platform is online - Image

The “L’Europa in Emilia-Romagna” platform has been recently launched and it’s accessible at, bringing to life a dynamic space where the social and institutional fabric of the Region can meet, cooperate and grow together.

The initiative, promoted by the Legislative Assembly and supported by Centro Europe Direct Emilia-Romagna (with the contribution and participation of ART-ER and Lepida), was presented to the general public on December the 6th 2023 at Palazzo D’Accursio during the Festival della Cultura Tecnica.

This platform has a key innovation, being capable of merging the abundant resources of highly structured Institutions with the vital energy of smaller realities.

Thanks to a web of collaborations, this platform offers the opportunity for smaller organizations to benefit from the experience of bigger Institutions, while the more structured ones get enriched by contents and activism produced by little territories: this allows a stream of correct and informed information.

Inclusion is another vital element, because this platform is not only a communication channel, but a welcoming environment that valorizes every participant’s contribution. 

Among the main features, the public area stands out for the non-duplicated content that it can offer, in this way valorizing what’s already present and making key information without any redundance accessible. 

The section dedicated to formation will be launched soon, showing the constant commitment to give educational tools to web players. The efficient search engine will facilitate navigation through vast contents, while anthologies and referenced organized sectors give a clear and structured overall vision. 

Alessandro Giordani, Responsible of the Unità Direzione Generale for the communication (EU comunication) underlined how this platform represents an interconnected webs system and a flexible vehicle capable of reaching and involving the different targets interested by European solutions. In a period in which collaboration is fundamental to face global challenges, "L’Europa in Emilia-Romagna" presents itself as a virtuous example of synergy and cooperation.

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