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ER2Digit: Digital Innovation for Emilia-Romagna

ER2Digit: Digital Innovation for Emilia-Romagna - Image

On October the 19th 2023, inside the charming setting of Oratorio San Filippo Neri, ART-ER, Lepida and Cineca launched ER2Digit, an ambitious project dedicated to the PA and Emilia-Romagna industries digitalization, co-financed by the Digital Europe program and the Ministero delle Imprese e del Made in Italy. 

Digital Europe, as Sandro D’Elia from DG CNECT has evidenced in his call, has been precisely designed to promote the adoption of digital technologies in Europe.

ER2Digit aims to bring significant advantages to the entire regional territory, which is determined to face a joint path.

Important lucubrations about the role of technologies for the Common Good have been unearthed during the event. 

Assessor Salomoni has stressed the importance of maintaining a public orientation and to avoiding market interests driving the PA. 

This principle is in fact vital to guarantee to citizens and enterprises the full benefits of the new technologies.

Another significant intervention was held by Professor Leonelli, lecturer at the Exeter University whose specialized on science and opened politics science who, echoing what the Assessor had previously said, highlighted the concept of Data as a Common Good and underlined the need to avoid the loss of control of data and technology, addressing the challenges brought by disinformation.

The objective has been clearly outlined: to reclaim data and digital technologies and put them at the service of citizens.

At the same time, a particular focus has been brought to the concepts of multilinguality, interoperability and maintenance, all of which are fundamental aspects to guarantee the efficiency and permanence of digital innovations.

Spallone, responsible for the division dedicated to the digitalization of companies and the analysis of production sectors at MIMIT, has addressed the concept of “Digital and Green”, underlying the importance of the transition to a sustainable digitalization and pointing out how the investments of Public Administrations can stimulate the growth of the production sector.

The Lepida General Director Mazzini has highlighted the importance of the cooperation between the public sector and the private sector in order to further promote the digital innovation and than emphasized the need for the development of practical solutions that do not rise concerns on privacy, using some projects regarding the monitoring of water consumptions, automatic decision-making systems and the Internet Of Things on social matters as examples. 

Orlando, the Chief of staff of the President of the Regional council, has than underlined that the ER2Digit project has been conceived inside the Regional Digital Innovation Hub, highlighting how digitalization could contribute to solve complex problems, such as the challenges linked to climate change and air quality. Emilia-Romagna has started the project of Digital Twins as a digital solution to such challenges.

Moreover, some examples of projects and concrete initiatives that show how digital technologies can be exploited to improve the quality of life and the efficiency of the PA have been presented. ER2Digit will launch its first expression of interest to provide services to the PA and businesses by November 22nd 2023. 

These efforts aim to strengthen the relationship between the public and private sectors, promoting greater collaboration.

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