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The WiFi4EU initiative

The WiFi4EU initiative - Image

Traveling through Europe without worrying about Internet connection, reaching the most famous touristic locations or the most remote lands and realizing that our smartphone has automatically connected to a safe network.

And then moving across our Region, in public offices, museums, libraries and public squares. 

All of this is already possible thanks to the WiFi4EU project, which allows European Community’s citizens and visitors free use of wifi hotspots, installed in strategic locations and public spaces.

WiFi4EU is not only the name of the project but also the name of the network that can be found on a smartphone’s display, while searching for the available networks (SSID).

This is the strength of the project, that allows the automatic connection while moving from an hotspot towards another. 

Thanks to this project each local Administration can promote the development of its digital services, and share the opportunities offered by the different Municipalities. 

It is a great help to overcome the digital divide. Lepida has installed over 120 wiFi4EU Access Points in Region Emilia-Romagna’s Municipalities’ strategic locations, such as schools, playgrounds, libraries, cultural clubs, squares and iconic locations, such as “The History of the Sic” museum, dedicated to Marco Simoncelli. 

These Access Points also allow access to Region Emilia-Romagna’s EmiliaRomagnaWiFi network.

The Municipalities that adhered to the project and will be able to provide useful informations to citizens and visitors are: Comune di Bomporto (MO), Comune di Coriano (RN), Comune di Lama Mocogno (MO), Comune di Pianoro (BO), Comune di Ravenna, Comune di San Benedetto Val di Sambro (BO), Comune di Valsamoggia (BO) and Comune di Voghiera (FE).

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