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Digital Welfare

Coherently with the strategy of the national Digital Agenda and the objectives of the Local Social Agendas, Lepida supports the Emilia-Romagna Region and its Partners in the definition, predisposition and realization of activities aiming at guaranteeing the evolutive development, the homogeneity and standardization of ICT, also within the complex and articulated Social and Social Welfare Systems. The objective is to utilize cutting-edge technologies to assist and favor organizational changes, to optimize the resources employed, to rationalize costs, to provide more efficient and effective services and to facilitate citizens’ access.

Integration between social and healthcare aspects can be favored by gathering different kinds of data and documents within the Electronic Health Record, chosen by the Region as the joint platform for the collection of each citizen’s socio-health history, and as an instrument to simplify and direct citizens’ access to services.

Lepida guides the Partners in the design and realization of projects and initiatives, with particular attention towards the issues of frailty and poverty, integration, culture and full active citizenship, balance between work schedules and private life; in addition, Lepida fosters the development of inclusion and cohesion projects, with special reference to the weakest population groups. Regarding active ageing and the prevention of non-self sufficiency, Lepida supports frail senior users through the e-Care Network, a telemonitoring system aiming at verifying health conditions, activating social and healthcare services in case of need, proposing cultural activities and opportunities for socialization, for the preservation of seniors’ quality of life. The e-Care Network is especially present during weather emergencies (heat waves in the summer, snow and ice in the winter), when extraordinary forms of support are activated in favor of particularly frail lone seniors, in collaboration with the Local Health Authority, the Municipality of Bologna and voluntary associations.