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In accordance with the national Digital Agenda’s strategy and the Local Social Agendas’ goals, Lepida supports Region Emilia-Romagna and its Partners in the definition, predisposition and realisation of activities devoted to granting the development, the homogeneity and the standardisation of the ICT, despite the complex and articulated context of the Social Welfare System.
The purpose is to use the most avant-garde technologies, in order to support and favour the coordinative swings, optimise the employed resources, rationalise the costs, provide more efficient and effective services and facilitate the citizens’ access to them.

Lepida advises its Partners for the realisation of projects and initiatives, while keeping a keen eye on topics such as frailty, poverty, integration, culture and full and active citizenship.
Furthermore, Lepida favours the development of projects of inclusion and cohesion, with particular attention to the overcoming of the digital divide for the weakest population segments.

The experimentations in the field of the welfare-related IoT spawn from the awareness of the exponential increase of the elderly population in our region and, in particular, of the elderly population living alone, given the last decades’ regional demography’s changes.
Moreover, the pandemic highlighted several conditions of distress and solitude that do not emerge without a profound and constant relation.
The goal, shared with the Region and the adhering Partners, is to employ the Internet of Things related Technologies to monitor the frail subject’s well-being, to anticipate and slow down possible problems that might lead to non-self-sufficiency. Also, IoT can be used to keep the relationship among the elderly and their relatives, friends and caregivers alive, and to offer solutions to the necessities expressed through the territorial network, in the different typologies of habitations, with different devices.

This e-Care Network is continuing the prevention of non-self sufficiency which, through the telemonitoring of fragile subjects, has been going on for over ten years in the field of active ageing. The Network is also evolving towards a central role in the field of welfare-related IoT, suggesting itself as the 1st level monitoring Centre of the data sent to the dashboard and for the activation of the local social network, according to the parameters agreed with the Institution.

Lepida is also focused, as per Regione Emilia-Romagna’s mandate, on disseminating the digitalisation of the processes concerning Digital Justice.

With the purpose of improving the access, the interoperability and the simplification of the processes and the fluxes between the Local Institutions and the regional Justice Offices, Region Emilia-Romagna financed a public Point of Access to the Telematic Civil Process and to its services, trusting Lepida with the management and installation in its own datacenters and the subsequent national accreditation.
The solution proposed is the result of some experimentations conducted at a Municipalities’ Unions’ scale. It is characterised by its flexibility in terms of digital justice services dedicated to specific Institutions and by the fact that the licences (for the POA and for the currently available softwares) are available to the Partner Institutions’ free of charge, and it is possible to implement them according to the different organisational needs or interests.

Moreover, the Division is working on the realisation and management of a set of platforms and applications that will complete the Informative System of the regional Social and Healthcare sector and simplify and rationalise the information from different sources, and from which both the central administration and the Local Institutions’ systems will benefit.